What’s in the Resource Browser?

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There’s so many resources in the Resource Browser of ActivInspire it’s easy to overlook or forget some of the gems in there. I’ve recently revisited the Reosurce Browser and found some gems I’d forgotten were there, and other gems I’d never realised were there. So I thought I would share with you some of the resources I’ve found…





Spelling Activity

A magnetic letter page can be found in Activities and Templates–>Activities–>Alphabet Activities. One use for this is a spelling activity. The teacher can either read out the word to spell and students use the letter to spell the word, or the page could have a picture of the word the student needs to spell. To create multiple pages the same, click on the thumbnail of the page in the page browser and choose Duplicate from the menu.

Brain Drain

A great start to a math lesson. The answers are provided in the Notes section of the Browser, which can be accessed by clicking on the icon that looks like a yellow post-it note. Do it on the board or have students copy it into their books.

They are found in Activities and Templates–>Activities(Learner Response)–>Math Starters and Activities.


100 Grids

Found in Activities and Templates–>Activities–>100 Grids. There are standard 100 grids, note that there are counter on both sides so that the grid can be used in dual user mode. There is also a grid with the numbers covered by red squares, the rectangles and squares next to the grid can be used to reveal numbers.


Fraction Wall

Found in Activities and Templates–>Activities–>Math Activities. Don’t forget this is here! Move the bars across to look at equivalent/more than/less than fractions.

To move anything you need to have the Cursor selected in the main toolbox.



1. Open the Resource Browser.

2. Go to Activities and Templates–>Templates–>General.


Matching Activity

The matching activity could be used for a variety of purposes. The most obvious is matching images, but this template could also be used for text based matching such as sums and answers, capital cities and countries or the capital letter and the lower case letter.

Place the matches into the squares, once all squares are filled click on the purple arrow in each corner to cover them over. Students then click on the squares to reveal what is underneath, and click again to cover them over if they are wrong.

Add a count down timer by going to Shared Resources–>Lesson Building Tools–>Gadgets. There are a selection of countdown timers in this folder, including an egg timer, candle and firework.



There are two column graphs in the general templates section. At the bottom of each column are two green buttons, one up and one down. Click on these to move the columns up and down by one unit each time. You can add labels by inserting text boxes.

You can reset the page by using the reset icon in the bottom right of the page.