My Pen doesn’t work on my Promethean ActivBoard

If your computer is connected (both VGA and USB) to a board and the pen is not functioning, the board is probably not being detected. The pen works through the USB connection.


Check the Software and Drivers

First of all, is the software – ActivInspire – installed. This must be installed on the computer for the pen to work.

Next, verify that your driver is installed and up to date. The latest is Version 5.12.17

To find which version of driver you have:

  1. Look in your system tray (PC) or Toolbar (Mac).
  2. Click on the Activmanager icon (this is the whiteboard with an orange flame man in front of it) and select Control Panel. (The icon will be found next to the clock on PC’s and it may have a red cross through it, still click on it).
  3. Here you can check that the board itself is being detected and that a driver version 5.12 or above is installed.
  4. If you do not have driver v5.12.17 (or higher), please up date through Promethean Planet.
  5. If you do not have this latest driver, please download it from Promethean Planet HERE, and then install it.


Connected but no pen function?

If at any point you are connected and have no pen function, try calibrating the board.

Failing that, test with known working pens.


Check the Cables

Next, check all of your connections and ensure they are secure. Verify that the cable is firmly plugged into the wall plate or wall box, and into the computer, and that any intermediate connections or adapters are also tightly connected. Check your connection through ActivManager again.


Reset the Board

If you are still not connecting, reset the board.

  1. Turn the projector off and wait until the light has stopped flashing, this allows the projector to cool down before unplugging it.
  2. Unplug the board from the wall (if your model of board has a power supply connecting to the wall).
  3. Disconnect the USB cable from the computer. Power the board back up, then reconnect your USB cable. Check ActivManager again.


Swap the USB cable

Swap the USB cable with another USB cable that is known to work.


Check the Computer

At this point if the computer is still not seeing the board, try to bring in a known good computer that connects properly to other boards. Test to see if this will connect, alternatively take the computer in question and connect it to a known good board to see if the computer will connect.



If there is still an issue with pen connectivity and the board is under warranty (less than 5 years old) contact Promethean Tech Support on 1800 403 441 or an online warranty form can be logged here.

If it is no longer under warranty we can be contacted on 9429 4333 to offer further support.


PDF Version can be found here – Troubleshooting USB Connection Problems