Downloading the Subjects Resource Pack for ActivInspire

Missing the Subjects Folder? You are missing a lot!

To install the missing subjects folder or Core Resources into ActivInspire a separate download is required, and then an import into ActivInspire.
Thus making this a two step process and one that is often missed. There a lot of resources int he subjects folder that you are missing if you don’t have it such as maths manipulatives, shapes, graph backgrounds, life cycles, clipart and graphics to name a few.

To download and install the recources follow these steps:



Firstly go to Promethean Support page.


1. Go to the Software section of the website.






2. At the top click on Software Solutions.

Then click ActivInspire from the options in the ribbon.


Or click here to go directly to the page.


3. Click on ActivInspire Resource Pack in the ribbon.








4. Click Save File in the dialogue box that appears.


5. Open ActivInspire.


6. Go to File→Import→Resouce Pack to Shared Resources.


7. Navigate to where the resource pack downloaded to – this is usually the Downloads Folder.


8. Double click on the file.


9. This will import and index the resources.


The Subjects folder will now be visible in the Resource Browser of ActivInspire.


Note: that the file can be saved to a USB and then taken around to other computers to be installed (there is no need for every person to download the file) – just follow Steps 6-9 on each computer that requires the folder.