Downloading the latest Version of ActivInspire

Do you have the latest version of ActivInspire?



Current version is 2.9.66477

To check if you are running the current version go to the Help tab in ActivInspire then click on About.

See below info on how to download ActivInspire software from the Promethean Planet website to ensure you have the current version.


Please follow these steps in order.


To download the ActivInspire software:

1)    Go on Promethean Support Page HERE.


2)    Go to Software Solutions.

promethean, activinspire, download









4)    Click on ActivInspire.


5)    Choose Download ActivInspire.






6)    Click on Download under the operating system your computer is using (i.e. Windows or MAC).







7)    Fill in your details








8)    Click on Download ActivInspire







9)    You will see this window






















10)    Click on Save.  It will take about half an hour (longer if your internet is slow)


11)  Click next & follow prompts


12)  Choose full install


13)  Accept Terms & Conditions


14)  When prompted, type in the name of your school into the first two fields and the ActivInspire serial number (this is not the serial number of the board it is a different twenty digit number that begins with 0016 or similar) which can be found on the sticker on the bottom right hand corner of the board or on the back of the CD pack.

Click on ‘I accept the terms …’ and OK (do NOT click on Run Personal Edition, Buy Now or 60 Day Trial).  Only Click OK




















15)  Make sure you choose ActivStudio when prompted



16)  Don’t forget to load the ‘Subjects’ resources.  You can install them by going online.



17)  Please download your free ActivInspire Resource Pack from the Promethean Support website.



18)  Choose the ActivInspire Resource Pack form the options..

promethean, activinspire, resources










19)  Make sure you import them into the ‘Shared Resources’ folder.


We recommend doing a reboot of the computer after you’ve updated.