Smart Notebook 15.2 is now available!

Smart have released version 15.2 of their popular Notebook software. This new version is super easy to use and very time friendly for educators! With the new Learning Activity Builder (LAB) and the built in templates it doesn’t take long to set up a lesson.

There are a few more options for using the pen, like paintbrush and the handy text pen. There are also 3D objects available in the Gallery that can be rotated once inserted on the page so students can look at all sides of an object. The Gallery also now connects to the internet and additional items can be found via a safe internet search directly from the Gallery tab.

I think the LAB is the best addition to the new software, this allows teachers to set up an activity in three easy steps – and they look great. It is an easy way to gauge prior knowledge, revision or just for fun! The three steps include; picking the activity – and there a few to choose from including Shout It Out which enables students to see and answer content from their devices (iPad or tablet), choosing what you want it to look like – there are at least two different ‘ environments’ to choose from, and finally to add tools – whether it be timers, random name picker or a spinner. And you end up with pages like this!

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The other new features of note are the ability to manipulate shapes to show angles, side lengths and even split a shape into equal parts with one click, and the math tools are now included. In previous versions the math tools were an additional purchase, but in 15.2 they are built in. Shapes can be easily manipulated by right clicking and choosing the desired effect from the menu:

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I can see so many uses for this in a classroom setting, especially when it comes to fractions. No more trying to white out bits of a shapes or create your own by drawing multiple shapes and then having to align them and group them. If you choose to show angles and then change move the corners of the shape – the angle changes to match. Very handy for showing triangles always equal 180°.

So the new Smart software is easier to use than previous versions, it seems Smart have thought about teachers and endeavoured to make teachers lives easier.