Olympic Resources

As the Olympics draw close, here are a few resources to help you out!



And for those of you who are about to head to a search engine to find out the dates:

Games fo the XXXI Olympiad             5th to 21st August 2016

2016 Summer Paralympic Games     7th to 18th September


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The Olympic Torch


A little interactive website that is following the journey of the torch. You can see where it is today.


And ever been curious what the first torch looked like and which year it was introduced? You can find out at:



Visit The Olympic Torch 2016 here[/color-box]


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The Mascot

Here he is – the mascot. The Olympic website is dedicated to the latest news and heaps of info on this and previous games.

Information about the mascot for Rio plus past mascots are covered.


Find out more about Vinicius here.[/color-box]


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The Official Rio 2016 website


This is the official website including the Olympiad Games and the Paralympics Games. Bristling with latest news, countdowns galore and numbers…

rio, numbers, games


And there is complete section with resources for teachers. You can find them in the Education part of the website and consists of digital lessons for teachers.



The Rio Paralympics website is here.

The Rio Games website is here.[/color-box]


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BBCs Ancient Olympics


Find out more about the ancient Greeks and their Olympics. A fantastic resource on the origins of the games.


Separated into sections for easy navigation – and you can find out what the nastiest event was!



The BBC website is here.[/color-box]

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The Australian Paralympic Committee

The website for the Australian Paralympic Committee with info on categories, latest news for the 2016 Summer Paralympics and games and events.


The website is here.[/color-box]


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Aussies are Clever…


This year we are able to experience some of the events in 3D! Invented by some clever people at CSIRO Australia these maps can take you through the routes of some of the events. To see the little bio about the project click here.


Already we can experience the Tour de France, go for a paraglide over England or go trekking through China and Japan.



You can find the Doarama website here.[/color-box]


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Flags by Colour (Pie Charts)


OK, Ive thrown this one in because I did this in when I was teaching a Yr 7 class and I remember it fondly – it was a successful activity. It was around the times of an Olympic Games; we looked at the flags of countries, and to further that we then spent a few lessons converting them to pie charts.

The students had to figure it out for themselves – no handy poster for them! But we did look at some examples before we started the process. Some are easy – for example the ones split into thirds – but some are really hard!


It did one thing however, it absorbed most of the class as they became perfectionists on how much of each colour there was…



To see all the flags as pie charts view this website![/color-box]


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And let’s just play some games!


A variety of Olympic mini-games – mostly the animal olympics. Simple games that can be played in a couple of minutes.



You can see them here.[/color-box]